Meet Kelsey

Kelsey brings passion and enthusiasm to everything she does. She believes there is a solution to every problem and enjoys the satisfaction of analytical and critical thinking to find it.

She enjoys working to unite teams and strongly believes in the impact that can be made by empowering others. Her experience in helping those with differing perspectives reach a common goal plus her ‘let’s work together’ attitude make her a genuine team player.

Outside of work, you might find Kelsey with her friends exploring Cincinnati, reading a good book, or hanging out at her favorite local Skyline. She loves being able to do her favorite things while developing her relationships with others.


University of Cincinnati, M.S., Business Analytics (2020-2021)
University of Cincinnati, B.B.A., Operations Management (2016-2020)


OpEx, process improvement, project management, system conversions and implementations, ERP


Reading, spending time with friends and family, eating Skyline

Fun Fact

Part of her leg bone is in her arm.


“I joined AMEND because I had heard nothing but praise for the people, the culture, and the meaningful work entrusted with our company, even analysts, and I stayed because I found all of that to be true. I get to do work I’m passionate about with people I care about, and I can’t imagine anything better.”

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