Meet Laurie

Laurie is a networker and collaborator who loves to help people achieve their goals.

Laurie’s ability to organize and manage responsibilities have aided clients throughout her entire career. Understanding people’s needs and creating trust are two important factors which have helped build lasting networks and bonds with colleagues, clients, and friends.

Laurie’s energy and focus in her spare time are dedicated to her husband and daughter as well as her love of music. Don’t be surprised if you see her on stage at a local community theater or at church on any given Sunday.


Wright State University, B.A., Voice


Detail-oriented, strong work ethic


Singing, hiking, jazzercise

Fun Fact

She is heavily involved in community theater: She is starring in Mama Mia in August at Loveland Stage Company.


“I joined AMEND when Craig Todd offered a fabulous opportunity to help find/win companies to add to our already solid book of businesses and to work with a dedicated and professional team. Not only did I find a challenging new role but I am blessed with working with such a strong and smart team of people who are genuine, real and riduculously humble. I marvel at just how REAL each one of my coworkers is and how they make me strive to be a better person-professionally and personally!”

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