Meet Bo

Bo is designed to lead and solve problems with others. With a passion for working with people and creating effective solutions, Bo brings positive energy to any project.

Throughout his time at the University of Cincinnati, Bo has gained experience working in many roles such as Project Management, Logistics, and Marketing. Helping deliver quick, productive results and interacting with various cross-functional teams have always been at the forefront of every role Bo’s been in.

During his free time, Bo enjoys spending time with his family and close friends. Whether it’s playing cards or breaking out of an escape room, competition is always involved in what Bo likes to do most.


University of Cincinnati, B.S., Operations Management (2016-2019)


Project management, logistics, operations


Doing anything competitive (sports, cards, escape rooms, video games etc.), hanging out with family, watching football/basketball games

Fun Fact

He’s from New York, so he’s not a fan of Skyline.


“I did a class ‘tour’ here at AMEND through UC and felt connected to the drive behind all the employees. I immediately was compelled to learn more about what the company does and how AMEND invests in it’s employees both professionally and personally. From then on, I just knew that an experience at AMEND would bring more value to me at this point in my career than any other company.”

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