Meet Dan

Dan is passionate about simplifying decision making through systems and metrics.

A focus on continuous improvement through new types of challenges is why Dan joined AMEND. He is a conceptual and analytical thinker. Dan leverages his background of formal training and industry experience in analytics to quickly diagnose the “why” in nuanced circumstances and stand up sustainable solutions.

Outside of work Dan enjoys being active. He is an avid runner and generally enjoys most sports that don’t showcase his poor hand-eye coordination.


University of Cincinnati, B.S.I.M., Engineering and Industrial Management (2014-2018)

University of Cincinnati, M.S., Business Analytics (2018-2019)


Predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics (optimization), BI, nerd things, 40-yard dash.


Running, cooking, golf, hiking, and skiing.

Fun Fact

He is an owner/operator of Easy Waters LLC: a company that’s flagship product is floating picnic tables.


“I found AMEND when I described my dream employer to a friend. I expressed that I wanted to be able to tackle a new challenge every day and see my productive energy make a tangible impact. I wanted to work with talented individuals who challenge me. Finally, I didn’t want to be at a ‘climber’ firm where competition between colleagues was everything and red tape got in the way of anything getting done. Later that day that friend put me in touch with Paul Delaney.”

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