Meet Taylor

Taylor brings energetic enthusiasm to any task and team. Her passion for engagement allows her to make
long-lasting and meaningful connections. Taylor’s previous engineering experience in a fast-paced, manufacturing setting has helped her develop analytical and problem-solving techniques to tackle any problem head-on. Her attention to detail, ability to adjust to fast-changing environments, and openness to learn new skills allows her to be an asset to the team. Taylor thrives in the team-working environment and enjoys collaborating to find the optimal solution.


The Ohio State University, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Minor in General Business


Detail-orientated, Excel analysis, project management


I love to run and play ultimate frisbee in my free time. I also enjoy reading and writing short stories.

Fun Fact

I got to march in the 2019 Rose Bowl in Pasadena California with the OSU Marching Band.


“Paul’s enthusiasm for the company, the work, and most importantly, the people is what really pulled me in. I am excited to work in a fast-paced environment where the analysts get to be involved in meaningful endeavors that help drive value and create long-lasting change.”

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