Meet Adam

Adam is a passionate, people-loving problem solver.  He joined AMEND to make a difference in his customers’ lives and to join a work family who genuinely cares about one another and those they work with.

With years of operational experience, Adam has a wide variety of skills. However, he has learned that his enthusiasm, ability to build meaningful relationships, and ability to listen to customers are what help him understand the root of a problem or frustration they are experiencing.  Once he understands the root cause, Adam utilizes his skillset and determination to relentlessly problem solve.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys traveling, watching and attending sporting events, and enjoying food and wine with his wife, family, and friends.


Xavier University, B.S.B.A Management and Entrepreneurial Studies


Operations, vendor management and sourcing, risk management, creative problem solving, project management, employee engagement, acquisition integration, business process offshoring


Eating, cooking, traveling, hiking, golfing, trying different wine, attending sporting events and concerts, hanging out with friends and family

Fun Fact

Adam was the bat boy and ball boy for the Cincinnati Reds for 5 seasons.

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