Lean and Green Go Hand-in-Hand

Inventing sustainable building materials and achieving LEED certifications are just one facet of sustainability. We must tie these products and actions to AMEND’s People/Process/Metrics methodology in order to transform energy companies for Operational Excellence (OpEx).

Business process re-engineering methods must also focus on sustainability through low production costs as well as low-cost end of life management. Product packaging, optimal energy usage, and user-centered design, create stimulants for consumers and businesses.

From design through recycling, no-one is better equipped to analyze existing product life-cycles and current state inefficiencies than AMEND. Upgrading technology and introducing rapid prototyping helps to minimize costs, decrease waste and increase speed.

AMEND Consulting takes a lead role as an experienced sustainability consultant, known for expertise and a continuous improvement mindset in the rapidly growing field of life cycle assessment.

Our approach begins with analysis of current processes and inefficiencies. AMEND provides realistic solutions by coordinating with all levels of operation, from management to manufacturing and distribution. As sustainability & energy consultants, our clients depend on us as trusted advisors and significant contributors to team success.

Our continuous improvement methodology allows us to build a transformational approach that is focused on sustainable, long-term improvement. AMEND consultants may integrate productivity tools such as 5S and Kaizen into your operation. We also employ methodologies you may be familiar with, including Lean and Six Sigma. However, AMEND drives maximum results when we custom-blend several tools and techniques together for sustainable improvement and to predict any unintended consequences.

Contact us today to discuss your business transformation needs. We are ready to serve as your sustainability / energy consultants.

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