Building the Foundation for Improvement

Focused Strategies for General Contractors, Construction Managers, & Subcontractors 

Lean management makes a strong impact on system design, material supply, assembly and customer satisfaction. When applied to the construction industry, lean strategies transform the way work is done for continuous improvement throughout the building process. General Contractors, Construction Managers, and sub-contractors all benefit from lean production rules by increasing value and minimizing waste in the project delivery process.

Construction field crews benefit from the dependable flow of work between specialists in design, supply and assembly. Eliminating waste saves money and balances key metrics in Safety / Quality / Delivery / and Cost.

Lean construction is particularly beneficial in complex, uncertain, and quick-turnaround projects, which require increased collaboration through new technology and flow. One such situation would be when green initiatives are introduced, such as LEED certification. AMEND certainly has tools to help projects “go green” for tax and environmental benefits. However, we see the greatest opportunity to improve financials when the entire project lifecycle is re-envisioned. Our results with construction teams are best when the entire project is re-designed sustainably, from planning to product delivery.

Our approach begins with analysis of current-state inefficiencies. AMEND provides workable solutions and sustainable improvement plans by coordinating with all levels of operation, from management to the hands-on team members. As Lean Construction Consultants, our clients rely on us as trusted advisors and significant contributors to team success.

Our continuous improvement methodology allows us to build a lean construction approach that is focused on sustainable, long-term improvement. AMEND consultants employ a custom set of tools and methodologies to maximize results in your business.

Contact us today to discuss your business transformation needs. We are ready to serve as your lean construction consultants.

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