These are uncharted territories. Questions, uncertainty and changes are challenging every business right now. We are all feeling the impacts.

At AMEND, our entire purpose evolves around our mission statement: we are trusted advisors, improving lives, transforming businesses and bettering out community. Like many, we have looked deeply at our business over the last few weeks and our priority is to hold true to that mission. We always strive to be a true partner. What a true partner looks like right now is one who can support and strengthen businesses. Tangibly that means setting you up for success with strategy, developing quick tools to enable smart decisions, and measuring the impact to fully understand the effects on your businesses.

While AMEND’s involvement is unique to each business we work with, the overarching principals ring true: we can help you through this and we can do it together. Let us show our true grit and authenticity as your partner.

  • We will help you solve problems, so you don’t have to wait for answers
  • We will sign up to build the tools, so you can make decisions with confidence
  • We will unlock the insights, so you can be proactive and prepare for times to come
  • We will be digging in and having hard conversations, figuring out the best solutions for your business right now and in the future

You and your team need to lead, to manage, to produce, to adapt, to sell and to stay strong. Let us take care of some of that for you and with you. We have deep expertise in developing tools and deriving insights, working quickly and efficiently, and providing results that make a lasting impact.

You are not alone. We are here for you. Take advantage of the resources below and utilize AMEND as a partner during this time.

Profitability & Cash Flow

Healing Supply Chain Disruptors

Customer Segmentation, Health, and Margin Analysis

Leading Safe & Stable Operations

Virtual Meeting Best Practices

Google Hangouts GoToMeeting Microsoft Teams

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