We're problem solvers that get the job done. No matter what.

We've been in your shoes -- questioning decisions, fighting fires, and watching metrics. That's why we're passionate about helping you regain control of your business.

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How We Achieve Results

Manufacturing Consulting

We're on the floor and in the board room. Let's re-engineer your processes so that you're in control. 

Analytics & Business Intelligence

When you make decisions without using data, it's like shooting in the dark. We've been there, and we're over it. Let's turn on the lights in your business.

Training & Talent Development

Everyone needs a little help along the way (or maybe a lot of help). Let's get your development back on track so your organization can run smooth once again.

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What really matters?

The people & the work.


Walking into a room with a suit and tie, aimed to fire every employee in sight? Nah, you've got the wrong team. We're here to work with you, not against you.We bring personality and laughter right alongside our world-class insights.


You could say "we'll do anything to get the job done." Or, you could say we "make magic out of thin air." Whichever way you look at it, we bring our best people to approach your problems. We reverse-engineer the solution that's specific to your problem. Then, we integrate our work into your organization. For good.

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  • The World is Yours to Travel

    We encourage every member of our team to relax and unwind after a load of hard work. That's why our team travels so much.

  • You're among friends

    Same mindset, same motivation, same values. Unique talents & unique interests.

  • Got talent on the court? 

    Every quarter, we join a new intramural league. We're always down to play some volleyball, basketball, or even paddle ball.


We don't believe in work-life balance at AMEND. We believe the two should co-exist. At AMEND, you experience what the power of a well-connected team can do.


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