Meet Tanner

Tanner is a builder.  He loves finding tough problems and architecting the right solution from the ground up.

Tanner’s experience in accounting allows him to start at the underlying language of business. From there, Tanner is able to work upwards, never losing sight of the forest while working in the trees. Tanner’s love of learning and insatiable curiosity keep him on the cutting edge of solution design. Tanner uses strategic thinking and determination to provide clients with long-term results.

Outside of work, you can find Tanner on the tennis courts getting beat by players 30 years his senior.


The Ohio State University, B.B.A. Accounting, Finance


Power BI, Data Analytics, Accounting


Tennis, Philosophy, Reading, Greek Dancing, Church, Summer Camps

Fun Fact

I picked up a job at Skyline Chili in high school solely so I wouldn’t have to pay so much eating there all the time.


“What differentiates whether people love their jobs is if they love the people they work with. AMEND’s values line up with my own, and how could I miss out on such an unbelievable family?”

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