Meet Shelby

Shelby’s strength is perceptive thinking. She believes there is great value in evaluating all possible sides or solutions to a situation. She approaches every conversation and problem with the intent to understand each perspective. Shelby loves to work through problems in new and creative ways in order to find the optimal solution. She is a divergent thinker who thrives in team environments where she can bounce around ideas and collaborate. Her ability to examine an issue comprehensively will allow her to find new and exciting solutions for each client.


University of Cincinnati, Marketing & Business Analytics


I love to think outside the box and examine all possible sides of a situation. This approach of perceptive thinking allows me to solve problems efficiently and effectively.


I love making things and being creative! Whether this is through cooking or crafts it is one of my favorite pastimes.

Fun Fact

I am VERY adamant that Coke is better than Pepsi.


“I immediately knew that I wanted to work for AMEND as soon as I met the team members- everyone that I spoke to was infectiously upbeat and passionate. The amount of love seen in the AMEND family is apparent in everything the team does, and I wanted nothing more than to be a part of that support system! “

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