Meet Ricky

Ricky is passionate about building things that help people. With a background in software development, he enjoys building software that improves the lives of his coworkers and clients. Not only does he enjoy learning new things, but Ricky also loves the challenge and impact of teaching concepts to others, which is what led him to be a part time teacher in the past. Ricky believes you don’t know something well enough until you can explain it someone else. Outside of work, Ricky enjoys reading nonfiction books, being outside, and attending local theater and sports events.


The Ohio State University, B.S., Computer Science and Engineering


Software development, DevOps, Teaching


Guitar, working out, reading, video games, woodworking

Fun Fact

Ricky got second in the science Olympiad at his elementary school.


“I didn’t even realize my first interview was an interview in the authentic nature of it, which spoke volumes about the culture of AMEND. I immediately was drawn to the ‘no BS’ mentality of the work that AMEND was doing to drive true value and results to its clients. However, I was also incredibly drawn to how that mentality was not only stressed at work but also in the personal lives of every employee. AMEND’s optimistic, opportunistic energy towards work and life was an unstoppable force that I had to be apart of.”

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