Meet Nate

Nate combines business knowledge and enthusiasm for data when approaching complex problems. He makes sure
to understand the needs of those who rely on him before jumping into a task, and tries his utmost to find practical solutions. Nate works tirelessly to produce excellent results for whatever challenge is put in front of him. Unless someone offers him baseball tickets. Nate will find an excuse to go watch baseball if offered tickets and resume the tireless work later.


The Ohio State University, Finance & Data Analytics


Java, Excel, Word, PowerBI (training in progress)


Working out, thinking about how I used to watch sports pre-corona, picking a fight with my brothers whenever I see them

Fun Fact

I once used 37 meal swipes in one week exclusively at the buffet-style dining halls at OSU. I rocked the unlimited meal plan for two years and wanted to see how far I could take it in one week.


“I joined AMEND because I hate being bored. I turned to a family that takes on a substantial amount of challenging work and gives a great deal of creative freedom to its people to deliver excellent results.”

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