Meet Mark

Mark is built to serve. His commitment to service runs deep – having completed numerous community service projects and a tour of duty as a United States Marine, during which he received almost a dozen awards and honors.

Mark likes to use his number skills to make sense of the world. He enjoys helping business leaders find answers to important questions, identify vulnerabilities, and discover powerful perspectives. Modeling, forecasting, performance assessments… if it can help you see new solutions, Mark will find a way to make it happen.

When Mark isn’t locked away crunching numbers for AMEND, you’ll find him exploring the local parks with his wife and daughter.


Miami University, B.S., Accounting (2003-2007)

University of Cincinnati, M.S., Finance (2014-2015)

University of Cincinnati, M.B.A. (2015-2016)


Financial modeling, business strategy, cash management


Reading, video games

Fun Fact

He purposely scored 5 points below the highest shooting qualification in the US Marine Corps because he thought the 2nd highest badge looked better.


“I joined AMEND to work with responsive owners who have allowed me to carve my own role and have input on business strategy.”

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