Meet Jessie

Jessie was born and raised in Cincinnati.  He served in the United States Marine Corps with half a dozen awards and commendations before leaving to attend Miami University to complete his undergraduate degree.

Jessie has previously worked in public service, politics and non-profit fundraising; always using ingenuity and the available tools to maximize results for small organizations and enterprises.   He likes doing deep intellectual dives on topics and creating solutions to difficult problems, often finding ways to do more with less.

Other than work, Jessie is most often found doing home improvement projects, serving his church, or doing something fun with his children like visiting the zoo, a museum, playground, or hike.


Miami University, B.A., Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, with a minor in Economics
Miami University, M.A., Political Science (with foci in International Trade and Quantitative Analysis)


Performing data analysis and providing insights using a range of analytic tools and various ETL skills.


Reading, doing home improvement and yard maintenance projects, taking road trips, being outside, or building Legos and playing with his children.

Fun Fact

Jessie has visited 32 U.S. states and 4 Canadian Provinces (including over 3 dozen National Parks and Presidential Libraries/Memorials) and wants to eventually visit all the remaining U.S. states and Canadian provinces

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