Meet Eric

Eric is focused on continuous improvement through personal development and life-long learning. He doesn’t view obstacles as problems, but rather opportunities for growth. He believes the success behind every company starts with the people; therefore, he strives to develop strong relationships and a deeper understanding of his clients’ aspirations.

Eric’s past experience in the appliance and auto industries has given him the ability to understand the importance of communication, project management, and efficiencies through lean manufacturing principals. The fast-paced nature of these industries has taught him to welcome change, and to practice strong collaboration so alternative thinking can be enhanced when it comes to challenging opportunities.

Outside of work, you will find Eric golfing, traveling and rooting for all Cleveland and Bearcat sports.


University of Cincinnati, B.B.A., Operations Management and International Business (2013-2017)


OpEx, Kaizen events, project management, leadership


Golf, volleyball, traveling

Fun Fact

He learned how to golf when he was three years old.

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