Meet Dylan

Dylan is following his passion at AMEND by using Data and Analytics to help solve complex problems in all types of businesses.

He is energized by helping the community to improve as well as working to improve businesses to perform their best and grow within their industry.

After moving to Cincinnati from Bay Village (Cleveland) to attend UC, he feels a strong connection to the city and the people in it. Outside of work, Dylan enjoys being active by hiking, running or playing just about any sport out there.


University of Cincinnati, B.S., Industrial Management and B.S., Business Analytics (2013-2018)


Data Science, ETL / ELT, Data Modeling


Fitness, cooking, camping, tinkering

Fun Fact

He is only 40 hours away from getting his pilot’s license.


“I joined AMEND to work with an incredibly smart, gritty and talented team in a technical and operations environment.”

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