Meet Derek

Derek is a Senior Data Scientist at AMEND with a focus on data science and business intelligence projects. He has worked on all aspects of middle-market businesses from financial modeling to production scheduling optimization to a manufacturing operations turnaround project.

Derek enjoys and excels at solving complicated, technical problems for his clients and enabling them to make better decisions through data.

Derek also has a strong passion for education. He leads data science seminars at MBA programs and CFA societies across the world including MIT Sloan, Chicago Booth, London Business School, and more. Raised in Cincinnati, he also makes an effort to support local high schools through various educational events around business and STEM programs.

Despite his athletic career being cut short by a severe lack of athleticism, he still very much enjoys playing basketball, football, golf, or anything with a ball.


The Ohio State University, B.S., Industrial Engineering (2013-2017)


R, SQL, Python, Optimization, Machine Learning, Training, Financial Analysis, Manufacturing Optimization, Sciencing Data


Golf, basketball, working out, watching The Office

Fun Fact

He won 2nd place in a male beauty pageant in high school.


“I joined for autonomy, responsibility, quick learning, and love for the people I work with.”

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