Meet David

David is driven by his love of learning and propensity to see the world from unique points of view.

David’s experience with a local social enterprise inspired him to use business to solve problems and change the lives of those around him.  Whether it’s his Environmental Studies degree, a trip to Peru, mentoring refugee students, or working in multicultural teams for class, David loves hearing and bringing new perspectives to the table to solve complex problems.

Outside of work, David will most likely be found in the middle of the woods rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, or kayaking.  He also loves to travel, already having visited three continents in the hopes of checking off a few more in the coming years.


University of Cincinnati, B.B.A. – Economics and Environmental Studies


Learning quickly, creative thinking, problem-solving, Power BI


Cooking, finding new music, travel, climbing, hiking, kayaking, or anything else that leads me outdoors

Fun Fact

He went skydiving on Friday the 13th of October, two weeks after turning 18.


“I joined AMEND because surrounding myself with the kindest, smartest, and most fun individuals on a daily basis results in constant personal and community-wide growth.”

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