AMEND Consulting drives companies to improve their effectiveness using several philosophies, including Six Sigma. Training is dynamic and often occurs in stages over several months. Organizations training in Six Sigma must anticipate these goals:

  1. To change the way people in the organization think: manage individuals’ expectations and conclusions across the organization
  2. To change the norms: often referred to as corporate culture, every organization has standard practices, models, and patterns that guide behavior
  3. To change processes and systems: the core work of a Six Sigma practitioner; process changes are closely watched for sustainability over time

Six Sigma training varies at each management level in an organization. AMEND Consulting trains senior managers to integrate Six Sigma into operational plans, while revising employee processes on the floor level.

Six Sigma training has been shown to truly revolutionize businesses of all sizes and industries. Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric and American Express have seen renowned success with Six Sigma. Organizations ranging from manufacturers to service providers, non-profit, government, research and healthcare are all eligible for Six Sigma training.

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