Distilling Digital: Strategy Implementation

Project Type: Future-state Partnership

One of the region’s leading specialty chemical companies realized the value of digital transformation and started investing in its own digital roadmap as part of its new, enterprise-wide strategy.

With a focus on improving its customer experience, internal processes, and new product development cycle, our client launched its digital strategy with momentum and substance. Some of the benefits included in the strategy include new revenue channels, cost reduction, efficiency gains, and improved decision-making ability.

AMEND provided the capacity, thought leadership, and opportunities to get the digital strategy off the ground, using a series of quick-impact projects that helped the organization understand the value of digitalization. As an extension of our client's team, AMEND started integrating a digital mindset and framework by including every function of the company in its roadmap of projects.


  • Company Overview

        • Industry: Chemical
        • HQ: Cincinnati, OH
        • Revenue: $300+ million
  • Assessing the Landscape

    • Competitive landscape of other chemical companies investing in digital transformation initiatives and strategies
    • Newly created org chart leadership role tasked with developing a comprehensive digitalization framework for the business.
    • Financial commitment from the leadership team dedicated to investing in digital technologies and talent
  • Identifying Opportunity

    • Opportunities for digitizing current manual processes were abundant.
    • Strategic evaluations of systems and data architecture aligned with business and IT goals.
    • Cross-functional communication improvements were driving new ideas and conversations.

Tools, Platforms, & Programs:



Digital Opportunities Identified


Comprehensive Digital Framework Developed



Digital Projects Completed in the First 7 Months

The Solution

Digital Roadmap

Our client’s digital roadmap involved a seven-month development cycle, as key findings and organizational expectations helped shaped the strategy while projects had already started.

Some features of the roadmap included the strategy, vision, project plans, resourcing commitments, financial plans, communication plans, project selection criterion, links to the organization’s overall strategy, systems architecture analyses, project submission processes, new project funnels, and a digital governance infrastructure.


Establishing Cultural Buy-in

Establishing a culture that thinks and behaves with a digital mindset takes time, diligence, discipline, and consistency. Getting the people in an organization to support digital strategy is only as difficult as it is to demonstrate the value that digital technology brings.

As part of our digital solution, we assessed our client’s current and desired level of readiness for adopting a digital culture. We helped their team breakthrough silos and adopt a project management framework and cadence that ultimately became the model for the rest of the organization.


Process Map

The Projects

To demonstrate the value and drive cultural adoption, our client kickstarted with twelve initial projects to build momentum, established a robust communication plan, set a pace of agile project management, and regularly involved cross-functional teams on solution development.

Throughout the execution of these digital projects, our client has seen many benefits and significant increases in engagement when it comes to digitalization initiatives. Several team members have stepped up to either be the owner of new projects, or to take on a leadership role in continually improving new tools.



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