We understand that analyzing data can be cumbersome and tedious. We also understand that, if done correctly, data analysis can transform a company. At AMEND, we take the endless amounts of data that exist throughout every company, and turn it into beautiful, visual dashboards that make updates and reporting fast and simple.

Business intelligence occurs when a company is able to leverage the data is has available to solve complex problems and situations. We cannot pretend to know exactly how to solve a problem before understanding the variables and data points that are involved. However, using the Amend “A-Team” of data analytics wizards, we have been able to solve some of our clients’ most challenging dilemmas, from a range of different industries, company sizes, and product types, and provide customized solutions via visual dashboards.

We can transform your company’s data into beautiful visuals for you to track on-the-go from your cell phone, laptop, or desktop, enabling you to focus on what matters most to your team.  Our interactive and stunning visual reports will push your company’s reporting and executive updates to the next level. Think about the convenience of understanding your entire company, all from one dashboard…

Check out some of our templates below, all of which have been created for real-world clients:

Sales Analytics Dashboards:

Production Tracking Dashboards:


Capacity and Scheduling Dashboards:


Product Mix Dashboards:


Logistics and Supply Chain Dashboards: