Streams of zeros and ones…bits, bytes, and packets of data…dashboards and databases…endless reports that contain a lot of information but drive zero action…

Truth is, most business leaders are drowning in data and information.

We put an end to the confusion and frustration your ‘smart’ systems are causing.


Need to know where you’re losing the most money? The answer’s in your data. We help you see it too.

Need to know your top three profit drivers? The answer’s there, hidden in your data.

Need to know who your best client is…why your downtime is so high…the truth behind your production problems…what your customers really value versus what they don’t really care about?

Our analytics team helps you discover the answers to these questions and many more – helping you quickly get the answers you need to make the best possible decisions.



NEED ANALYSTS? We’ve got ’em.

Our highly skilled analysts have real-world, front-line business experience. They know what to look for, and where to look for it. They know what business leaders need to make decisions because they work directly with business leaders to grow their businesses. Every day.


More than half the companies in America are sitting on a pile of data they can’t use because they don’t have the talented analysts they need to turn that data into insights that will drive business growth.

If you’re one of them, we have the talent you need to get your data projects done.

Fast, effective, and reliable – with results often available in 72 hours or less – our team of analysts will have your results delivered before you can get a job description written and approved!




No matter if you need to know more about what’s going on in your business right now (analysis) or if you’re trying to predict your future results (projections), we can help you connect the dots between your data and your decisions.

Our analytics services help you discover the answers you need to make the best business decisions possible.

Here are some examples of recent work we’ve done:

S&OP Analysis and Optimization

Customer Analysis and Segmentation

  • By region / geography
  • By profitability
  • By product type
  • most profitable by region/geography
  • overhead rates
  • Supply Chain Analysis

80-20 Analysis

Overhead Rate Optimization

Market Research


Supply Chain Analysis

Cost Analysis


Product Profitability

Product Mix




“Well that’s great AMEND Team but we already look at our customers, and our products, and our budgets.”

True. (Or at least we hope it’s true. If it’s not, we can help with that too!)

All good business leaders pay attention to these dimensions and more all the time.

So…why should you care about our analytics solutions? Because they help you UNDERSTAND what’s driving the results you’re monitoring on each report. Know the cause, change the actions, see different results.

Analytics can also do one thing no report can do. They can help you see trends and anticipate what’s coming next. They’re like a crystal ball. Based on what’s happened in the past, you can begin to predict what’s most likely to happen next. And then you can anticipate it, prepare for it, or take advantage of it.

Reports are monitoring tools. Analytics are action-driving tools.

What do you need to do? Monitor and manage or drive action and improve results?




Have data? Need analysts? Then our analytics services are for you. If you have the data pulled, and know exactly what you need, send it to our analytics team and we’ll deliver your results in as little as 72 hours.

Here are some examples of recent work we’ve done:


  • interactive
  • live streaming



Supply Chain Network Design

Descriptive, Prescriptive, and Predictive Statistics

Advanced Modeling

  • Simulation Modeling
  • Process Modeling
  • Optimization Modeling

Linear and Non-Linear Programming

Statistical Programming

Natural Language Programming

Trend Analysis

Regression Analysis

Multi-Variable Regression




We work hard to use the right analytics tools at the right time to achieve the right results. Some of our favorite analytics tools, techniques, and systems include R, Ruby, Python, Java, Minitab, SAS, SQL, NoSQL, ampl, Java, Hadoop, Tableau, Matlab, Oracle, SAP, MS Excel, MS Access, Data Mining, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning.




Looking to hire a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Researcher? Don’t!

In the time it takes to find and train that one perfect person, you could work with our analysts to complete more than a dozen actual projects.

We’re fast. We’re flexible. We’re ready right now.

Why hire one hopefully right person when you can hire an entire team of experts for less?


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