Flexible and On-call: Minimizing Time from Order-to-Cash

Steel fabrication operations must be flexible within the global commodity community and able to adapt with the price/availability of raw materials at any given time. Linkages between world events and industry changes are not easy to predict and usually require rapid response.

In seasoned industries, it is also often a challenge to break the cultural mindset of how things have always been done, and accept a transformation to better, more efficient ways.

Many companies rely on steel fabrication suppliers to create the foundation for their products or systems. High incoming supplier quality is a requirement in a fast-paced supply chain. Steel fabrication operations must maintain pace and perspective, and embrace continuous improvement.

AMEND Consulting takes a lead role in business process management to transform steel fabrication operations and other manufacturers into efficient, more profitable organizations, in pursuit of OpEx.

Our approach begins with analysis of current-state inefficiencies. AMEND provides workable solutions, which foster sustainable improvement by coordinating with all levels of operation, from management to the hands-on team members. As steel manufacturing consultants, our clients consider us to be trusted advisors and significant contributors to team success.

We use a continuous improvement mindset to build a culture that is receptive to change and focused on long-term, sustainable improvement. Our process management work integrates productivity tools such as 5S and Kaizen. We also employ methodologies you may be familiar with, including Lean and Six Sigma. However, AMEND takes things to the next level by blending several tools and methodologies to maximize results in Safety / Quality / Delivery / and Cost.

Contact us today to discuss your business transformation needs. We are ready to serve as your steel manufacturing process consultants.