A Cutting-Edge Benchmark for Operational Excellence

AMEND would first like to congratulate the semiconductor industry for its firm commitment to process control. In our experience of this industry, we are continually impressed by the precision found in every moving part. Yet we are confident in our ability to improve your profits and get the best output from your employees.

Few industries have seen growth and technological progress like the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Shorter product lifecycles and exponential increases in demand have created a need for pace and perspective in rapid product development. To meet customer demands for ever-increasing product diversity, production processes must evolve and be modeled for continuous improvement.

Semiconductor manufacturers, producing consumer electronics and silicon technology, face the ongoing challenge to outpace global competitors and pursue OpEx. It is a real challenge to improve processes in the semiconductor industry, which focuses on precise technology, discipline and microscopic tolerances. AMEND Consulting takes a lead role as experienced semiconductor manufacturing consultants, helping to transform semiconductor developers into efficient, profitable businesses. We do this by surpassing constant competition, growing revenues, and increasing cash flow with a continuous improvement mindset.

Our approach begins with analysis of current-state inefficiencies. AMEND provides workable solutions by coordinating with all levels of operation, from management to the hands-on team members. As semiconductor manufacturing consultants, our clients rely on us as trusted advisors and significant contributors to team success.

Focusing on long-term, sustainable growth, we use a continuous improvement methodology in semiconductor manufacturing environments, building on a culture that is already receptive to change. Our process management work integrates productivity tools such as 5S and Kaizen. We also employ methodologies you may be familiar with, including Lean and Six Sigma. However, AMEND drives superior results by blending several tools and methodologies into a unique solution with Pace and Perspective.

Contact us today to discuss your business transformation needs and ways to improve Safety / Quality / Delivery / and Cost. We are ready to serve as your semiconductor manufacturing consultants.