Systems to Support Common Goals: Everyday Consumer Satisfaction

The worldwide recession has caused a seismic shift in the consumer products industry. Hitting at a time when competition was already very intense, many companies now find themselves forced to make unthinkable cost cuts to remain profitable.

No longer is the improvement approach focused on cost-cutting programs to address inefficiencies that occur before the product is shipped out. To be competitive in today’s market, a more holistic approach with pace and perspective is required. AMEND Consulting helps consumer product manufacturers maximize end-to-end supply chain excellence, again balancing Safety / Quality / Delivery / and Cost of delivery across large volumes with razor-thin margins.

Consumer product manufacturers benefit tremendously by having full IT systems integration with their suppliers, vendors, and wholesale providers to keep the entire process predictable and flowing smoothly. Logistics planning for shipping, distribution, and transportation will enhance flexibility and allow for higher profit margin. AMEND consultants work with consumer product manufacturers to accomplish goals with far-reaching impact, working toward OpEx.

Money saved in post-production costs allows companies to reinvest in better quality manufacturing operations in the US.

AMEND provides workable solutions by coordinating processes for all phases of operation, from high level management to the manufacturing floor. Our approach begins with a continuous improvement mindset, and analysis of current inefficiency issues. As consumer product manufacturing consultants, our clients rely on us as trusted advisors and significant contributors to team success.

Our on-going improvement methodology allows us to build a lean process approach that is focused on sustained, long-term improvement. Our process management work integrates productivity tools such as 5S and Kaizen. We also employ methodologies you may be familiar with, including Lean and Six Sigma. However, AMEND takes things to the next level by blending several tools and methodologies for maximum results.

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