Reliable and Repeatable Processes that Work

The chemical processing industry is rapidly emerging as a key component in the US economy. Yet with changing export markets and ever-increasing regulations, chemical processing companies must be empowered to operate with a pace and perspective that fosters continuous improvement. Operational Excellence (OpEx) in chemical processing demands steady integration of technology advancements and calls upon industry leaders to be the calm in the eye of the storm.

As chemical processing consultants, we understand the complications of required documentation and regulatory compliance. Complexity can easily lead to inefficiency and uncertainty, which ultimately impact the effectiveness of operations and in turn, your bottom line.

AMEND Consulting takes a lead role in process management to transform chemical operations and other manufacturers into efficient, profitable businesses positioned for sustainable improvement.

Analysis of current state inefficiencies provide the foundation for our transformative approach. AMEND provides hands-on solutions by coordinating at all levels of organizations. As chemical processing consultants, our clients rely on us as trusted advisors and significant contributors to team success and improvements in Safety / Quality / Delivery / and Cost.

Our commitment to continual improvement allows us to build a culture that is receptive to change, and focused on sustained improvement in the long run. AMEND consultants blend several tools and methodologies to maximize growth and efficiency.

Contact us today to discuss your business transformation needs. We are ready to serve as your chemical processing consultants.