What is AMEND Ventures?

We founded AMEND Consulting more than a decade ago on a values-platform. We founded AMEND Ventures, a sweat equity firm, in 2016 to translate that vision to the next level. We come alongside progressive leaders to create more sustainable returns.

All full-time AMEND members have an opportunity to invest in and build up compelling businesses.


Invested, Not Investors

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Investment Criteria

Strong Leadership

We invest in people in every sense. We are looking for true partnerships, not dictatorships.

Deep Desire to Grow

The question isn't where are you, it's where are you headed and where do you want to be?

Market Niche

What makes your business stand out? We want the innovators and the people that aren't afraid to step outside of their comfort zone.

Excitement about the challenging business landscape

As consultants, we challenge the status quo to rewrite the rules and redefine business. The companies we invest in must be willing to do the same.

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