Project Scheduling Optimization

We looked at how we could improve optimization at a local company.


  1. Industry

    Plastics Extrunsion Manufacturer

  2. Revenue

    $50 Million

  3. Company Info

    - 50+ Production Lines

    - 4000+ unique SKUs

    - Over 2,500 open customer orders


Pain Points

  • About 250,000 lbsof extruded PVC daily (on a good day)

  • Extremely high labor variability (100% annual turnover)
  • Avg. 2-3 Production Lines Down every day


Our client has two planners who have been at the company for 20+ years. They make almost all planning decisions in their head and it is a very tedious process.

While the schedules they generate are effective, there is opportunity for further automation and optimization, to lighten the burden on the planning team.



Benchmark: $12MM


Fill Rate

Target Goal: 80%

Benchmark: 75%


Changeovers Per Line/Day

Benchmark: 1.4


AMEND's customized dashboard gave decision makers the opportunity to track fill rate.

Every dashboard is customized and built from live data.

Process Mapping

This talks more about how we process map.

Data Build-Out

This talks more about how we build out data.


This talks about the dashboard.

  • "Without AMEND, we would be in business. They have been a dedicated resource for us, and have tripled our sales in just two weeks."
    John Smith