Rapid Growth Fuels Data Architecture Transformation

Data and information transformed their thinking once we turned into actionable intelligence. That’s our speciality – turning information into action.

We took the endless data that existed within the business and brought it to life so it could be used to make better decisions, faster.


  • Company Overview

    • 3 brands
    • 40 sales channels
    • 7,000+ product SKUs
    • 85,000+ ship-to customers
  • Assessing the Landscape

    • Using Microsoft mid-market ERP system
    • Segmented department reporting
    • Reporting infrastructure struggling to support rapid business growth
  • Identifying Opportunity

      • Need to design and define a data strategy
      • Benchmark vs. state-of-the-art capabilities
      • Build a foundation strong enough to support future advanced analytics
      • Automate and speed up cross-functional communication


6 months

Project Timeline


Reporting Automation


$840k + 

Unrealized Time Savings Per Year

The Solution

Reporting Infrastructure

Data and information can transform your thinking when it’s turned into actionable intelligence. That’s our speciality – turning information into action.

We take the endless data that exists in your business and bring it to life so you can use it to make better decisions, faster.


Data Architecture: Solved

“AMEND brought more talent to our challenge than any other company we reviewed for this work. We knew right away there was no one better qualified to help us and they didn’t disappoint.”

Jeff Smith, CFO Gorilla Glue Company

The AMEND Process

Design Strategy

We start with the end in mind and work backwards.

Move Quickly

Our agile, iterative approach enables rapid progress and sustained momentum.

Act Decisively

AMEND's robust training helps teams make better and more confident decisions.

  • We are beyond THRILLED with the results. We didn’t ask
 for anything like this because WE DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING LIKE THIS WAS POSSIBLE. Now that we have it, there’s no going back.
    Jeff Smith
    CFO, Gorilla Glue

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