In today’s interconnected and data-driven world, implementing an IoT strategy can provide a competitive advantage by enabling real-time monitoring and advanced analytics to build smarter people, processes, and systems. To accomplish this, we partner with your organization to identify opportunities, implement IoT infrastructure, and analyze the high-resolution data while driving toward fast and impactful ROI. No matter where you’re at in the IoT journey, AMEND can support you in taking the next step to add value to your business. 

You may be wondering: What is IoT? How does it work? Why should I be interested? Where do I begin?  

IoT stands for “Internet of Things” and refers to the network of interconnected devices, sensors, and systems that can communicate and exchange data over the internet. It enables the seamless integration of physical objects into the digital realm, allowing for real-time monitoring, data collection, and analysis. Devices range from the fitness tracker on your wrist to the smart thermostat at home to industrial devices in manufacturing plants. These devices collect data such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and more which can then be analyzed to read your heart rate, adjust home HVAC systems, and predict when machine maintenance is required. 

How can you utilize IoT to improve your business? To identify opportunities, think about the following: 

  • Where can we improve efficiencies? 
  • Where are we trying to better understand processes and be proactive to perform better? 
  • What is one thing we can track that would give us a competitive advantage? 


Many use cases can add value such as predictive maintenance to reduce machine downtime, identifying bottlenecks to increase utilization, understanding machines and process conditions to improve quality, and more. The most effective approach is often to start simple with a few devices in a critical area and create a scorecard to drive results and strategy. 


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