Embrace Classroom Concepts in a Real World Context 

We champion this mentality throughout all programming conducted beneath our AMEND IN ACTION™ banner – the overarching classification for our diverse array of proprietary training courses organized around Lean Six Sigma principles and other key elements of Personal Development.

Offered on-site at our facility, these courses vary in length and subject matter; however, all offerings share several critical factors:

Participant Diversity
A cross-section of comparable colleagues from other area businesses to benchmark against and network with

Direct Applications to Your Role at Your Company
We don’t value generalities; our instruction is tailored to address the unique professional circumstances of each participant and address true on-the-job situations and concerns

Return on Investment
From the outset, a tangible ROI is defined for both the individual and the employer for their time/resource commitment

Sustained Results
AMEND trainers stay connected to course participants to ensure success doesn’t stall at the conclusion of training

Top notch trainers, materials, and facilities to supplement the “latest and greatest” information from the worlds of industry and academia.