Make Time for the Future

Rising executives face a unique challenge- a mandate to be forward thinking. Leading publications like the Harvard Review consistently identify this trait as the biggest ability gap in new managers – with researchers estimating that only ~ 3% of a typical business leader’s time is spent envisioning a future business state and enlisting the help necessary to bring it to fruition.

AMEND is ready, willing, and able to support you in tackling this critical business need; to help you ask “What’s new? What’s next? What’s better?” and then orient the disparate elements of your organization toward that vision.

First, our team members help you fully understand the present – so that you can better identify the necessary path to take. More importantly, we assist in sourcing the opinions of your employees and fellow managers – to gain a better understanding of their fears and motivations. AMEND then helps you digest this feedback and distill it throughout your plan in meaningful ways. This effort better prepares you to inspire shared aspirations and “speak from the same playbook” as your constituents; without buy-in, any vision for the future will never gain traction.

The only long-term planning that that can truly take root is accomplished through collaboration—and our team looks forward to working alongside you to help ensure both present and future success.

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