Hello. We’re AMEND.


We’re passionate and performance-driven. We love solving problems, and delivering results. We tell it like it is, work to make complicated things simple, and always put people first. We zig when others zag, and we don’t stop until you are satisfied. We’re all in, on every project, every day, just like you.

How We Work

We begin with you – meeting you where you are and building a plan for your success from there. We work to understand your goals, then we get to work – with you – to make change happen.  And, we stick around long enough to make sure it lasts…but not so long that we start drawing a pension.

Our Promise

If you don’t love the results we deliver, we will keep working until you do.

Simple. And exactly the way it should be.

Our Team

We deliver great results because we have great people. Our backgrounds are different, but our commitment and focus are the same – we love working with passionate leaders to drive meaningful, lasting change.

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