The world of business intelligence and analytics can be overwhelming. We’re on a mission to change that.

We’ve spent the last six years building up a team of experts dedicated to helping you discover a whole new level of information, insights, and intelligence that’s often hidden away inside your systems. 

Meet the team. Check out some of the ways we’ve helped other local leaders. And then? Let’s meet. Let’s discover what’s hiding in your data and how we can help you turn all that good info into bottom-line-boosting actions.




50+ tools and languages, 100s of models built, thousands of client ah-ha’s, billions and billions of keystrokes…

We’ve spent the last 6 years building one of the region’s best business intelligence and analytics teams.

We’re the only team that combines proven business leaders with best-in-class analytical thinkers, pattern-finders, and programmers.

Meet a few of our best and brightest… (PDF)



A strong increase in profitable sales
by discovering who their real core customers are and WHY they are making money on some customers versus others. Learn more

A cost savings of hundreds of thousands PLUS a time savings of 6-8 months by working with us to streamline and complete an ERP transition. Learn more

An increase in sales, profits, and engagement because leadership was able to shift from a cost-cutting mindset to a profit-building mindset by uncovering the source of profit drag. Learn more

A laser-focused sales team that moved from selling on “gut feelings” to selling on hard data – creating a win for their customers and for the company. Learn more

A 20% drop in down time PLUS an increase of hundreds of thousands in profits by defining what was causing the most expensive down times and taking actions to prevent them. Learn more