Whether your process lies within manufacturing, healthcare or administration, AMEND will help you to implement time-tested lean process improvement steps to improve your bottom line.

Innovated by the Toyota Production System, lean process improvement is a business approach that focuses on increasing speed while simplifying and optimizing operational processes. While Toyota brought the lean manufacturing concept to wide spread recognition, many of the philosophies behind lean process improvement were employed much earlier by manufacturing pioneers such as Eli Whitney and Henry Ford.

The lean process improvement begins with eliminating waste. Waste areas are often invisible, so AMEND will use a battery of techniques to help you identify them. Problems in your process may include things such as higher than necessary production rates, delays due to transportation or production errors.

As a part of lean process improvement, AMEND will help you to not only identify waste, but also assist you in identifying and capitalizing on what is working well in your process.

Our program for lean process improvement nets tangible results, and can be used to continually evaluate, enhance, and improve both your business and your bottom line.

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