Powerful. Motivating. On-the-job leadership training from AMEND Consulting.

Every AMEND program includes formal leadership training and process-improvement events. We are students of authors Stephen Covey and Matthew Kelly and enjoy sharing their theories as well.

But we also train leaders “on the ground”, through:

  • Shadowing and individual coaching
  • Forming committees and conducting meetings
  • Creating roadmaps per individual/team
  • Measuring and rewarding successes
  • Holding follow-up sessions for sustained improvement

Our consultants know that leadership development is a process, not an event. Best results come when leadership training occurs over time; with whole teams and individuals; presented both formally and casually.

Believe it or not, employees find AMEND leadership training to be an engaging, enjoyable break from the daily routine. All leadership training is in a format customized to each organization, and matches the company culture.

Our consultants identify each employee’s strengths and motivate individually in a positive setting. This approach brings teams closer and yields measurable improvement.

We look forward to training current and future leaders at your company.