AMEND Consulting will guide your team through powerful leadership and development programs, catered to unique strengths and current challenges. Our recommendations are very actionable to spark instant improvement.

It is important to maximize the leadership and development of all employees – from self-managers up to C-level executives. AMEND has demonstrated expertise in mid-market leadership growth.

Through employee performance management, leadership training and behavior modeling, we show the senior leaders of tomorrow how to best align their management skills with the larger goals of their company.

AMEND Consulting delivers custom leadership and development programs for all leader segments:

  • High-potential leaders
  • New leaders
  • Individual employees with strong influence on others
  • First-line operations supervisors
  • Mid-level managers
  • Senior leaders

We do welcome to our leadership workshops any interested employee, regardless of position in your company.

Training in decision-making, conflict resolution, communication, planning, alignment with company goals, and mitigation of company politics are all crucial skills for continued employee growth.

We take pride in our ability to teach these skills in concise, actionable form through our leadership and development programs.