Kaizen is a continuous improvement system created in Japan following World War II. In fact, the word Kaizen literally means “to change for the better.” It is formed from syllables 改 (“kai” – to change or correct) and 善 (“zen” – good).

According to Kaizen theory, areas of process improvement can include:

  • quality
  • processes
  • productivity
  • technology
  • safety
  • company culture
  • leadership

The Kaizen system works best when applied across an entire operation. This is because continuous Kaizen improvement thrives on “crowdsourcing” and implementing ideas from all employees, from executives to floor personnel. And because Kaizen stresses improvement in all areas of an operation, Kaizen integrates easily with other process improvement strategies that Amend utilizes.

Kaizen involves setting standards and then continually improving those standards. To support the higher standards Kaizen also involves providing the training, materials, and assessment necessary for employees to achieve higher standards and meet those standards every day.

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