AMEND utilizes the hoshin kanri approach to support clients in Operations Planning.

Hoshin kanri is a method of capturing and cementing strategic goals and bringing them to reality. In Japanese, hoshin means “setting a direction,” while kanri means “management” or “control.”

The name suggests an operation working together towards a unified goal. At its core is a collaborative effort among various management levels to participate in goals planning and achievement. Powerful US companies like Hewlett-Packard and Xerox have adopted Hoshin into their strategic planning.

When all team members contribute to a shared goal, the team grows more effective as a unit. And individuals are more likely to succeed knowing the marks against which their performance will be judged. Reaching short-term goals enables stronger long-term results without the pressure of quarterly performance reviews. The result of hoshin kanri participation is team strength that positively impacts profitability.

Hit business strategy targets by deploying resources and key talents in the right areas with hoshin kanri and AMEND Consulting.