In our last IoT blog post, we discussed how to utilize advanced techniques to turn data into business value.  After capturing data from a specific business practice, the next step is to use this data to drive enterprise-wide change. The value of IoT data is magnified through strong business use cases and its adoption across an organization. Transforming IoT data into an action plan is the key to making improvements in your business and gaining a competitive edge.  

Transforming IoT data into insights can help with decision making.

Currently, we’re working with a client to improve their delivery performance across their entire network. To track delivery performance, we first need to build a baseline and understand how drivers are performing. With this client having over 100 divisions, it would not be feasible for us to complete manual time studies. This is where IoT data comes in and provides a key advantage over traditional performance tracking methods – scalability. Using IoT data from GPS trackers, the team has been able to track the time drivers are on-site or driving between sites. 

This data helped to build the scoreboard comparing expected route times to actual route times to find out what parts of the day are the most and least productive. We’ve then been able to aggregate data to identify the top opportunities for improvement across divisions and how to approach the change management needed to make process adjustments. Now, with this information both managers and executives are now able to identify training needs, and company-wide trends. 

Insights generated from IoT data can uncover opportunities for business improvements.

Next steps are to use this data to develop company standards, training plans, and driver accountability throughout the company. Additionally, this dataset has helped uncover opportunities for improvement with driver scheduling and resource allocation.  

Is there a process in your organization that is a black box? Even starting small by collecting data can help to drive business improvements.  

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