Now more than ever in the Private Equity landscape, it is crucial to seize the first 100 days of ownership in a new investment. Whether it be a platform acquisition or an add on to an existing portfolio company, investment professionals need to move rapidly to lay a foundation for scale to capitalize on their newly operationalized dollars. With unfavorable borrowing conditions and slower than perfect deal flow, ensuring a successful deployment of capital is a must.

At AMEND, we partner with investment professionals and their portfolio management teams to ensure a smooth transition into new ownership, as well as to help build, execute, and sustain a strategic roadmap that maximizes enterprise value and generates quick returns.


Key areas to focus on in the first 100 days of ownership

In the hundreds of businesses that we have evaluated and transformed, here are the key areas we think you need to get right within the first 100 days to ensure a successful ownership period.

  • Performance reporting – you can’t improve what you can’t measure!
  • Strategic FP&A – ensure your finances are accurate and on time every time to plan ahead
  • Data management – set the foundation for technology and data to enable scale, not hinder it
  • Process automation – eliminate manual processes and get more out of less
  • Management systems – communication is critical. Set your leadership team up for success with the appropriate channels and organizational structure

AMEND can help you determine where to start

In a new business with a lot of opportunity, it can be challenging to determine where to start. AMEND partners with you to ensure your starting block is the right one.

Through our best-in-class assessment approach, we look at your business through the lens of People, Process, and Systems, and identify your highest value generating opportunities that can drive immediate value to your organization. We then leverage our proprietary Change Management Playbook to integrate existing processes or systems, taking care to involve the right players on your team to level them up to support sustainable growth.

What do those assessments cover? We can be as holistic or as targeted as you’d like, however here are our most common amongst our private equity offerings:

  • Full scale business assessment
  • Order to cash business scorecard assessment
  • Digital health and enterprise architecture assessment
  • Operational excellence manufacturing process assessment
  • KPI and reporting health assessment

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AMEND has a proven track record of identifying value creation opportunities through our assessment offerings, and relentlessly driving EBITDA growth through the execution of five core service offerings: Operational Excellence, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Technology Applications, and Finance & Accounting.


Looking for additional support outside of the first 100 days?

Want us to look at an existing portfolio company? AMEND can partner with you to help identify and drive enterprise value through expedited assessments and project execution. We like to move fast, and would love to be your value creation partner.

Overachiever? AMEND helps support our investment partners with diligence work during the deal process as well. Partnering with your firm, we can deliver those assessment insights PRIOR to the deal, allowing you to understand the opportunities (or lack thereof) up front, and to get a head start on driving value from day 1!