When your team is motivated and engaged, productivity is easy to recognize. A critical element in any transformation is to ensure you have the right people with the right skills in each position, eliminating the risk and consequences of a talent deficit.


A company’s leaders may have a vision for the path the company is on, but rarely is it well-articulated or communicated to those who report to them. We work with leaders – through analysis sessions, mentoring and training – to ensure they’re headed in the right direction and have the tools they need to keep their teams following the same path.


Whether your organization requires Lean trainingSix Sigma, or the use of productivity tools such as 5S or Kaizen — the AMEND Consulting team develops custom, action-based training programs to address each company’s unique challenges. For large companies, we offer standard course options that fit easily into your training and development programs. For small and mid-market organizations, training programs for your team members fit into your strategic, development and transformation plans.

Employee Alignment

Predicting if a team member will be successful in a current or future role can be difficult. We assist your organization in assessing employees’ strengths and weaknesses, skill sets and work styles. By looking at your team in its entirety, AMEND gives you employee strategies to maximize your team’s effectiveness and productivity.