AMEND Consulting takes a lead role in business process management to transform companies into efficient, more profitable organizations. Business process management begins with complete strategic awareness of current patterns of inefficiency.

AMEND provides hands-on solutions by working with top management down to shop floor personnel. Clients consider us to be trusted business advisers and powerful contributors to their success.

We use a continuous improvement methodology to build a culture that is receptive to change, and focused on long-term sustained improvement. Proven strategies to consistently increase your revenue. Yes, our process management work integrates methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma; as well as productivity tools such as 5S and Kaizen. However, AMEND is unique in the expert way we blend several techniques. Customized coaching plans are designed to build better processes that last.

AMEND guides clients through the entire cycle of business process management:

  1. Current Process Analysis – First, we must fully understand all business processes currently in practice.
  2. Process Improvement – We then re-tool business processes to measurably increase efficiency and revenue.
  3. Continuous Process Refinement – For sustained growth, AMEND specializes in extending our processes to other company systems and divisions, leading to a company-wide transformation.