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In all our working history – more than 20 years with hundreds of companies – we’ve NEVER heard anyone say, “I love my ERP!” Or, “Man, our ERP install went so well.” Or, “Our new ERP is giving me everything I need to run and lead my business.”Mostly, we hear horror stories…
“The system that was supposed to make us better shut us down – for weeks.”
“More than a year past install and we still don’t have everything working.”
“The install was a disaster. We went more than 6 months without being able to generate a P&L.”
“We never figured out when to turn off our old system…or what our new system could do…so we kept them both running – now we even have two more running to get what we need. So yes, we have four different ERP systems running. And yes, it’s a very expensive mess.”
“We keep pouring money in and hoping…”ERP sales teams are great at selling white whales and unicorns – hooking you in with the promise of amazing results. What they don’t tell you about is all the work, time, and resources it’s going to take to get there. They don’t share the high failure rates, or the fact that installs run as high as 5x over budget. And what you don’t know, hurts.

If you’re getting ready to install, upgrade, or switch, we can help you find the best system, and guarantee a smooth install – saving you at least 9 months of pain and hundreds of thousands of dollars.If you’re in the middle or at the end of an install, or suffering years later, our experts can help end your pain and get the most from your ERP system.We have decades of experience working with ERP systems. From ERP Prep to Clean Up to full ERP Project Management, our ERP solutions are designed to help you achieve the amazing results your ERP system can deliver.

AMEND IN ACTION: A client was ready to spend $3MM on a new ERP system. Our assessment showed they could get everything they needed and then some using a few of our custom-created systems. They were up and running in 5 months. Total minimum savings = $2,875,000!

“You don’t even know how badly you need AMEND until they are in there working with you.”
President, Engineering Excellence