Simply put, 5S is best learned through doing it.

AMEND’s goal is to teach and manage implementation of 5S in a format that best suits your company and leads to greatest success. 5S training is not best for a three-day seminar in a hotel convention room. Rather, AMEND expert consultants lead in-house 5S training workshops, actively facilitating over time.

We find our engaged approach increases the chances for 5S to be fully adopted. Measures of success are graphed from the beginning to pinpoint the impact of 5S on the bottom line.

AMEND Consulting runs 5S training programs with clients on a custom basis. The elements of 5S are all valuable on their own, but form only part of the bigger picture when forming best practices for an organization. We utilize several philosophies, and we will introduce 5S training if appropriate for your needs and current inefficiencies.

See how the AMEND approach can work for your business.

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