5S consultants at AMEND are dynamic and results-focused.

On the surface, 5S can appear to be simply a “housekeeping tool.” It is true that several components of 5S highlight the importance of cleanliness and organizing work materials. However, we go much further than suggesting a trip to The Container Store! Advanced 5S theory from our 5S consultants has the correct level of depth to yield powerful results.

Without an expert trainer, 5S results are not sustainable. Success with 5S requires frequent upkeep and a positive trainer for encouragement. As it is very popular with businesses worldwide, 5S materials — such as print materials, videos, and activities — are all at our disposal.

Integrating these published materials, we are able to encourage for new ways of thinking that may not be easy for everyone on your team to adopt overnight. However, the benefits of 5s are immediately felt within the office. This instills a feeling of accomplishment that quickly translates into process and productivity improvement as well.

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