Meet Ed

Ed has been working in the manufacturing sector since the age of 18, beginning his career working machine maintenance and doing whatever dirty work was passed his way on the shop floor. Ed graduated from the University of Dayton with a B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology and worked as a manufacturing engineer right out of college. For the past 12 years, Ed has worked in the CAD/CAE/CAM, PLM and MES spaces in various roles, including, integration consulting, solution sales and most recently as an implementation project manager, all centered on helping clients implement custom solutions to drive positive change through technology within their organizations.  


University of Dayton, B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology 


Planning, solution building, process mapping, project management/execution, root cause analysis, data management, cross-functional communication, relationship building, problem solving, listening to understand, humility/empathy, public speaking 


Sr. Volunteer at where we develop custom equipment for those with special needs. I have a woodshop in my garage (that I refer to as my “Zen Zone”) where I go to build/create/start (sometimes finish) various projects. Recently, I built a couple custom desks for my kids for their remote learning. I very much enjoy home improvement/repair and pretty much anything that needs to be fixed and/or restored. I love documentaries, especially anything about physics and the sciences. Finally, family time with my kids and soon-to-be step-kids. 

Fun Fact

I’m a former HS wrestler, and for two years I was whooped in practice daily by a future two-time MMA featherweight champion.  I’m oddly allergic to bananas and cucumbers.