Meet Ruby

Ruby draws her energy from two things: people and creativity. These two passions motivate her to take on adventures and challenges in which she can build new relationships and grow as an analytical, inventive thinker.

As an analyst, Ruby combines her background in creative design with an educational emphasis on marketing and business analytics to create a well-rounded skill set that is advantageous and unique in the consulting field. With her experience in leadership and problem-solving, she is confident in the ideas and solutions that she brings to the table.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, attending concerts and shows, and getting involved on campus at UC.


University of Cincinnati, B.B.A. Marketing and Business Analytics (2018-2023)


Communication, strategic thinking, creative design


Making music, food, and art, spending time with family

Fun Fact

She was once in a Skyline commercial.


“I wanted a first co-op where I would be actively making an impact on the company, not just getting coffee and making copies. Everyone I knew who had interned here said AMEND was the perfect place to do that!”